creativity is just intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein




Web Affiliates is all about helping new businesses get started. We are help founders, makers and non-profits build messaging that resonates with their audience.  The more technical your product or service, the harder it can be to get your idea across.

TFW no one understands what you’re doing but you…

Our job is to create a concept that speaks to the prospective user, without losing the idea’s integrity. We’re your translator, framing a message that a less technical audience understands.

Another blog post using the same keyword isn’t what we do. We’re looking to put our creative chops to work. Once we have a concept – we want it to go somewhere.

Call us crazy, but we figure that’s what people expect.



stop following trends and start setting some

What We Do

We design creative digital strategies to suit each client’s needs and priorities. We’re not chasing the Fortune 500 – we’re looking for innovators who want a leg up.

  • Startups who need help reaching investors
  • Makers who would rather make than market
  • Small businesses looking to beat the big guys.
  • Non-profits trying to push their cause.

Web Affiliates is a gig model company, pulling in the right people for the right job. Experienced leadership and motivated talent. We offer low overhead and scalable modular pricing.


Before we start telling you want we think, we need to hear what you think.

Tell us about your idea, where you’re at and where you’re trying to get.We’re happy to sign an NDA.

To get you where you want to go, we need to understand what you’re doing and why it’s important.

2. Who's buying?

Not many startups themselves: Who are we talking to?

There’s all kinds of methodologies for figuring it out. But it’s important you take the first pass.

Some companies think analytics is the solution. We think it’s part of the solution. It’s a way to measure who your audience is or isn’t.

Slicing people up into numbers is the new normal. But writing to move them, to inspire them, to connect with them – you have to ping the right side of the brain.

3. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is when creativity gets fun. We see it as a faciliated free-for-all to access everyone’s ideas. 

Facilitation is one of our services. We can work with your team to get their thoughts and expertise. 

Or we can simply head back to our own skype session and start kicking ideas around. There’s a good amount of silliness and a bunch of crazy ideas we toss out.

But the ones that stick – woohoo!

4. Messaging

Brainstorming is the fun, messaging is the strategy that comes from it. 

We will provide a slogan, a mission, a vision and a excerpted description of what you’re doing.

Then we plan how to share it. We’ll design the digital footprint – website, social media, content marketing and SEO.

We put together presentation decks, write and respond to RFPs and develop case studies. We will help you produce videos, write/sell ebooks and create online courses.

Once we agree on what you need, we’ll plot the milestones out on a simple timeline.  We’ll set up team workspace and report on progress bi-weekly.

5. Measuring

Here’s where analytics come in. Every inititive will be measured using agreed upon parameters.

We can split testing for digital assets, capture feedback from users or early adopters.

We will set triggers on targets. If a component of the intitiave isn’t hitting it’s mark, we’re alerted.

We’ll pull together an alternative and present it to you. You decide if its a go.

The internet is forever, my friend. Use it wisely.

Avg # of words in content on first page in Google


That’s what you’re banking on?

Go to the Google Adwords’ tool and find your perfect keyword. Then plug it into the search engine and see page after page of articles already written about the same thing.

If you’re just getting started, it will take you years to improve your SERPs. We need a better strategy than that.

Instead of copying what’s being done, let’s start thinking about what nobody else is doing. Why are you better and how do we let them know?


Messaging matters.

Are you ready for voice search?


Will own smart speakers by 2022


Use voice search to find local businesses


Marketers not optimizing for voice